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A Getaway Four All Seasons

August 27th, 2008


This paradise is simply peerless.


If you think a luxury family vacation is near to impossible, think again. There are few places that look better in real life than on a website or postcard, and where all your expectations truly live up to what you have been promised. But one of them far exceeds your dreams and it is the Four Seasons Nevis, West Indies Resort.

Little tykes will be splashing with happiness, while older lads get a sense of independence (and their parents can sit back a bit too!) as they frolic with newly found friends in a secure, monitored setting. And if you visit sans children, this is still the perfect escape as private 'spots' are specially designated for you. Adults Only discreetly signify your hiding grounds.

imageNow on to what really matters. The Spa. This is where dreams become a reality. Set out like a sojourn's escape, nestled away from the main house is where this sanctuary awaits. A delightful and serene Elaine Russell greeted me and showed me around the splendid gardens, where cabana treatment rooms are named after island flowers, and as we proceeded under the yellow belle a meditating waterfall area comes into focus. Back on the other side where flamboyant flowers abound is a cold plunge pool. Imagine having a refreshing dip after a heavenly massage and gazing up at the beautiful clouds over Nevis Peak.

The signature massage is the Four Seasons Nevis. You experience a one of a kind massage treatment where they take you through the 'four seasons of life'. For 80 minutes you are in pure bliss as your body is soothed, wrapped, massaged and relaxed.

imageMy personal favorite is the Classic Epicurean Facial, which is described as a non-surgical face-lift. Skin is cleansed and an enzyme exfoliant is applied. I have had many similar treatments, even doctor office strength, but never have I had one like this before. Remember the way those atomic fireballs would make your mouth burn, well think of that similar sensation on the face- it even contains cinnamon. My facialist, Suzanne, warned me that I will feel a tingly or stinging sensation for 30-60 seconds. She promised it will be over before I knew it, and she even eased the sting with a light fanning motion that cooled my skin. She was absolutely right! I grinned and beared it, and before I knew it, it was finished. I was nervous to look at myself in the mirror, as I thought that I would look like one red, hot tomato. The payoff was incredible. My skin reflected a flawless sunglow radiance with no red blotchiness at all.

imageI could have stayed there all day. I settled by the soothing waterfall, letting the analdo breeze relax me and nearly put me to sleep. Time went by quickly, and my day came to an end.

I have taken home one mindful piece of advice that Elaine shared, "The one thing I would like all my guests to take away from this experience is to daydream and reflect on the memories of the spa, to help ease the stress and calm the mind."


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