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November 7th, 2007


Walt Disney’s spa-magic!

imageNestled in a serene location on the Walt Disney World's properties is the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. With the height of Disney's season approaching, My Beautyberry wanted readers to know about this sanctuary away from all of the Disney Park attractions. It is a monorail ride from local resorts, a beautiful walk from the fun-filled Polynesian and luxurious Grand Floridian Resorts, or just a short bus ride from the surrounding Disney properties.

In order to reap the most benefits from the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, it is a good idea--- advisable almost--- to get as stressed, tired and achy as possible during your Disney visit. As wonderfully enchanted Walt Disney World is, this should be relatively easy to do, since you are in one of the largest and busiest theme parks in the world, your kids are off-schedule and bedtime has shifted a couple hours later than usual.

You might think, "ME" time doesn't even exist, or does it?

imageIn the heart of all this magnificent hustle and bustle are 18 treatment spaces that cater to massages, facials, pedicures and more. Time is precious, but if you have an hour (or more) a refreshing pick-me-up awaits. Patrick McDirmit, General Manager says, "The Grand Floridian Spa is not a destination spa, it is a spa that offers a perfect fit with one's vacation at the most popular vacation destination in the world. If you have any time during your stay, we feel we can play a part in a great trip. We understand that time is at a premium here at Walt Disney World. We offer a full menu of spa services to choose from. Some popular services to consider are the 25 minute 'Tired Leg Treatment' and the 'Youngest Guest' treatments designed for children 4-12 years of age with the emphasis on teaching skin care at an early age." Unlike most of the Park's reservations, advance appointments are not necessary!

imageIf "ME" time is more important than a child and parent outing (no comment, perfectly understood!), consider sneaking away from the pool and let your husband splash with the kids for an hour or two. Escape to relieve those aching knots in your back (due to carrying overstuffed backpacks or pushing strollers) or soothe your worn soles with a pampering foot massage. The atmosphere's tranquility and citrus-fresh scents will help make you unwind and forget about the rest. No Mickey Mouse or Minnie or Goofy are in sight; the spa takes its services seriously.

As you leave and open the spa door to the great Walt Disney World, stress is a distant pass. Walking outside you are captured by the serene lake and all the purple flowers that align the beautifully landscaped path.

Then, reality beckons, as the monorail is seen and quietly heard overhead. In the distance a faint hint of those famous 'Disney Ears' are fading out of view.

Now be nice and payback your spouse, as he deserves a treatment too!

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