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A Desert Zen

November 7th, 2016


~Four Seasons at Troon North is like a mirage come true!

Before I begin highlighting my spa experience on a recent family vacation, I would like to share this outstanding resort, which I loved so very much! Four Seasons Scottsdale at Troon North is immediately captivating from the moment you enter the gate. Situated on a desert landscape with majestic rock views, the resort surroundings are breathtaking and are like a desert arboretum with wildlife one wouldn't expect. This was perfectly fitting for my very inquisitive son who explored the area’s plethora of cactus-covered ground, wildlife (we were on prowl for the local bobcat, which we never did see) and fuzzy, cute rabbits scurrying in an out of bushes.

Four Seasons high-class amenities always garner high praise for their comfortable, clean rooms, private balconies and secluded destination. In addition to its spa services and western activities like ATVing and skeet shooting, Four Seasons Scottsdale has hiking trails, two championship golf courses, pools and four on-site restaurants, one more delicious than the next. If you choose exploring, I suggest biking on the resort grounds or hiking to Pinnacle Peak, which was a highlight of my trip or an ATV excursion with the family (my kids LOVED this), which all can be easily arrange. I do recommend renting a car to be in control of your own destiny, whether it's a run to CVS Pharmacy, the supermarket or as we did, visit Chase Stadium here our hometown team was playing the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Now on to my spa treatment, which was heavenly and a first time experience for me, I’ll explain why. I had the Cocoa Mole Energising Wrap. This treatment starts with a stimulating, antioxidant rich, café mocha sugar scrub followed with smooth cocoa mole mud being applied to the skin and the body is wrapped in warm linens. This is where ‘my first’ comes in: A Vichy Shower. I’ve never experienced this before, and will admit I felt a little uncomfortable. I felt I was being exposed in one of my most private settings, a shower, BUT, it was quite different, very relaxing, and yes, you are covered in a towel, thankfully. A Vichy shower is quite unique, the mechanism alone looks a bit scary, but trust me it isn’t. Once my body treatment was completed, instead of jumping up and getting in a stand-up shower to rinse off the mud, you simply lie there. Several showerheads sway over your body while the water gingerly rains down over your body. The different jets can be pinpointed to certain areas for a more relaxing appeal. The technician, Jennifer Cos, really works hard, between getting wet, the steam and giving your body a complete overhaul.
What makes this treatment so special is that the scrub gets rid of dead skin cells in areas that you alone are unable to reach, like your back, and your skin feels so smooth and fully renewed, so renewed that you don’t want to expose your skin to any of the elements and relish the moment of baby soft skin for as long as you can!

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Here I share some outtakes of this fabulous vacation, which I highly recommend any time of year!




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