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MBB’s WWD Mention

January 25th, 2008


MBB in the news!


This is truly a BIG deal for My Beautyberry! I was so thrilled to read my Friday's beauty fix from Woman's Wear Daily, an industry newspaper bible, and discover My Beautyberry was mentioned in the article entitled Beauty in the Blogosphere. Granted, MBB doesn't consider itself a blog, but truth be told it does have blog-type appeal with a magazine flair which set's it off a bit. MBB wants to be the next breed of bloggers... blog from experience and bring the editorial composition of magazines mixed with the strong point-of-view from blogging. We're off to a good start!

Kudos to friend bloggers who made the TOP TEN! Job well-done and keep on blogging. Thank you readers for your continual support. Thank you WWD for recognizing the importance of on-line beauty reporting!

- Back.

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