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MBB and Lifetime Moms

September 22nd, 2009


A new partnership!


I am so excited to share that My Beautyberry has signed on to be one of 14 bloggers who will be dedicating time and stories to the newly launched Lifetime Moms site. This is Lifetime Television's newest digital venture in a long list of successful projects. I am so delighted to be part of a wonderful group of moms who like me specializes in motherhood, yet still wants to dabble in a topic they so love. For me it's Beauty and Style, but the site touches upon other reputable and interesting topics like:


From time to time I will be referring to some wonderful stories being developed and written by Lifemoms even if it doesn't necessary pertain to beauty. The breadth of conversation will be significantly enhanced and it will be delivered by a reliable voice. Erika and Audrey are My Beautyberry's go to force that drive the Beauty & Style section at Lifetime, so I will be tuning in regularly to see what they have to say as an added bonus to MBB.

We are all very excited and know you will reap the rewards as readers too!

- Back.

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