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Olay Goes Ultra-Luxe

August 8th, 2007


Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream is it mass or is it prestige?

imageMass market lines never cease to amaze me. Take for instance the latest launch from Regenerist called Micro-Sculpting Cream--- which by the way is hitting the stores now. The packaging alone is heavy not chintzy, one would almost believe it is glass not plastic. The cream's texture is so rich and luxurious that in a blind-test you might actually mistaken it for a high-end prestige line. The folks over at Olay did say that in recent testing it scored better than La Mer. Now that is some astounding statement to make. The formula fights the loss of hydration on the cellular level and helps lift skin and 'micro-sculpt' areas prone to sagging. Another reason to like the cream... it contains the highest concentration of Regenerist's exclusive amino-peptide complex to help regenerate cells at the skin's surface and retain moisture.

Keep your eyes out for this super-cream hitting stores this month which will retail for $24.99!


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