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A Product Created Straight From The Heart

October 23rd, 2015


~  June Jacobs Rapid Repair Cream

When a product is created from a personal experience, you stand up to listen. And, when you know your friend experienced the same side effects during her battle with cancer, you really understand the situation even more, and want to share the information to the world, because anything you can do to make it easier for them, well you do, or you buy the product and hope it is one less thing for them to worry about. That is the story behind June Jacobs Rapid Repair Cream.

June Jacobs (yes! there is a real person behind this phenomenal spa line) was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer in January 2013. During this journey, her skin was damaged and she set out to create a cream that could help regenerate her fragile skin from the strong radiation treatment she was being given.

"I sat down after my seventh radiation session and I figured out what ingredients could help me,” said Jacobs. “I have given Dr. Ng, my radiation oncologist, over 700 tubes of this cream, which he has used successfully on all of his patients at Cornell.” And Rapid Repair Cream was created!

Launching this month and in perfect timing with Breast Cancer Awareness month, June Jacobs Rapid Repair Healing Cream is meant to mimic the skin's natural barrier. Loaded with good for you extracts selectively decided for soothing and to combat inflammation, the cream, which was clinically tested by Clinical Research Laboratories Inc., demonstrated an improvement in terms of reducing the side effects of post radiation dermatitis.

The cream comes with a steep price, $60, during the month of October 25 percent of net proceeds will be donated to The Anne Moore Breast Cancer Research Fund. The company is also planning to sell the cream in radiation oncology suites in the upcoming future.



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