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November 23rd, 2006

Over the next month, the In Stores Now section will highlight fab gift-giving finds mixed in with regular feature items. Psst... it is more than just beauty. Enjoy!

A Monthly Wish

imageWhat a great gift to give to someone special... a year of wishes. Each of the 12 colored candle tins features a unique icon plus a wish to focus on. As the candle burns, each reveals a tiny treasure inside. What a wonderful keepsake and reminder of positive thinking. Red

Best Seller's List

imageA three part collection that offers a good read and a boundless assortment of colors. Laura Mercier offers an Eye Book, Cheek Book & Lip Book to keep you looking beautiful for the Holidays. Laura Mercier Beauty Library Set.

Barbie Gift Set

imageBarbie, the No. 1 fashion themed doll in the U.S., is offering this must-have Barbie gift set. The set includes a fragrance that smells like a bouquet of fresh flowers that leaves a soft citrus scent on the skin plus a teddy clip-on coin purse. Another fun set, includes the fragrance plus a pink bowling bag. Available at mass market retailers including Wal-Mart, K-Mart and Walgreens.

Fun for the Whole Family

imageEnjoy family time by tossing a ball that makes ice cream in 35 minutes. No kidding. All that is needed is five ingredients and kids that are ready to roll! Red Envelope is offering a special for only $24. What a deal.

No Soap Solution

imageThere you are in the middle of a restroom, only to find there's no soap. Predicaments like this happen, so next time be prepared. Japanese Paper Soap has a perfect solution. A thin travel-size tissue pack offers individual papers that once you wet them, transforms into sudsy lather. Perfect for all, especially your obsessive compulsive friends!
Japanese Paper Soap.

The Key to Success

imageThis handy kit is the answer for one's unpredicatible encounter with coffee breath, scuffed heels, headaches, nail polish disasters and much more. Working Girl's Survival Kit.

Vintage Gloss

imageThis vintage old apothecary sliding metal tins offers great colors, shiny looks and yummy flavors. Tinte Vintage Flavored Lip Color.

Sweet and Sedating

imageimageThe sweetness of pure honey, combined with the calming extracts of chamomile leave the skin soft and mind soothing. Perlier Honey Chamomile body line.

Tea for One

imageA convenient stick that makes drinking a superior cup of tea as easy as 1,2,3. Simply us the Teastick to scoop up a measure of loose tea, slide the strainer cover into place, and drop it into your cup -- then add water and let it steep.
The Teastick.


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