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September 24th, 2014


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Katie Holmes - Global Ambassador for Olay

imageKatie Holmes', one of America's known sweethearts, has just signed a beauty contract with Olay, and she is glowing. She is officially known as the brand’s first Global Brand Ambassador, which she could add to her list, because this leading lady has also been the Global Brand Ambassador for Alterna Haircare since January 2013.

Katie can now be considered a true beauty powerhouse from head-to-toe--- thanks to Olay, Alterna, and let us not forget Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.

Beauty Is Free To Fly

imageraveling without many of your beauty favorites can be quite the hassle. Who wants to risk losing your expensive SkinCeuticals cream to airport security, or arrive without your favorite bottle of body moisturizer. Well, the good news is you won’t have to toss your liquid-based beauty products while waiting for the TSA to scan your bag, thanks to a new set of regulations set to take effect in the near future--- notice how I italicize near future.

TSA Administrator John Pistole said that airport security measures would be easing up on the 3-ounce liquid restriction, which means all your beauty full-size favorites can stay nestled soundly in your carry-on. Naturally, I'm elated to hear this news, as I wind up doubling up on my beauty goods to be sure I am covered during the flight and once I've landed.

No exact date has been given, just stay tuned and TSA will announce it to the media.


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