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Custom Hair Color by eSalon

June 19th, 2014


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Hair coloring continues to raise the bar to help women use it and choose it. I recently wrote about L'Oreal's Reusable Mousse Absoluee, and now I am excited share another new revolutionary service from eSalon to achieve customized hair color. Unlike traditional boxed hair color and even other hair color services, eSalon creates your color using a specific mixture and blend of shades that perfectly matches your vision.

This service is particularly helpful to those who have trouble selecting a shade---- you can download a photo of yourself and have a hair color specialist review your choice. For instance, I want a neutral brown for touch-ups, I chose one I thought would work, and in the personal comment section added: Color desired is neutral brown and I don't want any RED undertones in the shade, which my hair has a tendency to pick up.

So how cool is this, right? I just ordered a box on line, it was really easy to follow, and I highly recommend uploading an image of yourself and have a specialist review your purchase--- A service worthy to take advantage of, it's like having your own colorist on speed dial. eSalon is offering a special introductory for first time users--- go ahead give it a try.


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If your hair looks's going to be a good day.