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Summer Hair Health

July 4th, 2007


Rescue and restore hair’s damage from summer’s fun in the sun.

imageSummer hair distress begins now. The elements of summer are at its prime- sun, chlorine, salt water- are harsh on your hair. Ted Gibson, celebrity stylist to some top stars like Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway and Diane Sawyer, offers these tips to protect and renew your hair back to its personal best.

- Avoid hot showers. The hot water not only will dry out your skin, it will do the same on the hair. Plus it will fade your color too. Luke warm is best.

- Wash hair less often to avoid stripping it of the protective oils. It's ok to rinse hair with only water and then conditioner a few times of week. That way you still can feel clean.

image- At night, apply a deep conditioning serum that will saturate the hairs inner cortex and replenish moisture and reverse the signs of damage.

- Swimming at the pool or lounging on the beach calls for hair SPF. If you find yourself without one, no worries simply make your own by mixing water, sunscreen and leave-in-conditioner in a spray bottle.

- Summer frizz is inevitable. But try to limit shine enhancing products to control frizz. Most contain silicone which can dry out the hair in the long run. [Ted Gibson's Hair Sheet Styling is a good one to try.]

- Water is everywhere, and should act as a reminder to drink plenty of it to stay hydrated. This is important to hair health as well as your overall health.

Be sure to visit his site to learn more about his products and services. Ted

MBB would also like to offer this hair S.O.S. tip. Prior to going to the beach, apply a deep leave-in conditioner and put hair back in a ponytail or chignon. You will be thankful later--- hair will be tangle-free (or at least to a minimum) and easier to manage.


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If your hair looks's going to be a good day.