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July 1st, 2009


Orginal Mane ‘n Tail

imageFor several years I have been conditioning my Appaloosa pony's mane and tail with a product called, appropriately enough, "The Original Mane 'n Tail Conditioner," a commercial formula for equines. I've gained profound respect for the product because Appaloosas are well known for their short, scrawny tails. That was an accurate description of my horse for a long time, but thanks to diligent use, the pony's tail is now thick, shiny and, for an Appaloosa, magnificent.

One day in the supermarket, hair products aisle, I noticed that Original Mane'n Tail was racked right next to Pantene and Suave conditioner. A closer look revealed that the label now includes information for human use.

imageimageFor people, Original Mane 'n Tail can be used as a leave-in conditioner or rinsed out. I decided to try it both ways since my hair is a thick, dry, unruly mane. While it worked satisfactorily as a rinse-out conditioner, leaving my hair soft and tangle-free, it was a revelation as a leave-in. I massaged a quarter-size amount one afternoon in to my wind and sun-burnt shoulder length hair and was surprised how quickly it was absorbed, and how nice my hair looked and felt afterwards. The conditioner is not at all greasy or gummy and even though my hair was not particularly clean, it felt clean, which was more important. I liked it so much that I didn't wash my hair again for two days, although I did apply a few more dabs of the conditioner.

Original Mane 'n Tail includes coconut oil and emulsifying wax in its list of ingredients, so there is a good chance of build-up. On the other hand, it was easy to wash out (the company makes a shampoo, too, which is nice and gentle, horses having an even more sensitive Ph level than do humans).

At $8.99 for a 32 fluid ounce bottle, Original Mane 'n Tail is a solid value. If your goal is a thicker, healthier looking mane, check it out.

by Eve Marx


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