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November 22nd, 2006


A few simple tricks to prolong post blowout perfection.

imageFor at least one gala event this season you will either spend over an hour meticulously achieving a salon-quality blowout; or $40 plus having a professional person style your hair. Whatever the case may be, the goal is to prolong this style for more than a day. Here are a few tips to get more glamour from time and money well spent.

1st TIP: Hair Serum

imageSerums reign as the alluring product of extravagance, luxury and super efficacy while acting as a treatment, protection and styling aid. It makes the hair shiny, prevents unwanted frizz while giving definition and light reflection to dull hair. I've tried many and happy to report that Oscar Blandi's Jasmine Oil Serum is one of the best-- the scent alone won my vote. The secret ingredient is jasmine oil infused with natural emollients and vitamin E. imageIt helps keep hair tangle-free and a day or two later hair still looks beautifully smooth and shiny without any greasy residue. It doesn't weigh hair down. It keeps hair looking just as healthy as it did on the first day. [A few drops are recommended; however start with a drop to be sure your hair responds well to it.] The line offers a sister product called Jasmine Protein Mist for Restyling and can be used if your hair gets slightly out of place. It is a spray that is enriched with soy and wheat protein that helps seals the cuticle.

2nd TIP: Satin Pillowcase

imageThis is the answer to preventing hair from going in all sorts of directions the next day. Sounds old fashion to you? Don't dismiss it just yet. Besides offering a good night sleep, a satin pillowcase protects the hairstyle, reduces breakage and helps maintain hair's moisture balance. Bonus point for skin: no pillow face marks too! Hairstylists agree, that this beauty trick savior's hair, some are even now selling them in their salons. Satin Wonders pillowcase

3rd TIP: Up on Day Three

If your hair is thick and wavy, you can get by beautifully on Day 3. But if you're like me, and have fine, thin hair, you might have trouble making it past Day 2 and by Day 3 your hair begins to say "wash me"! So now is the right time to sweep it up. Dirtier hair is easier to style so pull it back into an updo or simple chignon at the nape of the neck.

For a step by step guide on how to achieve a salon-quality blowout on your own, check out this video courtesy of Glamour Magazine.


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If your hair looks's going to be a good day.