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Roots Happen

August 16th, 2006


A simple solution when roots make their debut

imageYou had a busy week running here and there. You cancelled your hair color appointment twice and now the weekend is here. The schedule is worse with soccer, ballet and an evening charity event. What do you do now when a touch up is in dire need? The answer: Quick Tint! Created by two hair color professionals, Quick Tint helps diminish unsightly roots and hairline grays. It's available in 10 shades, easy to use and allows the perfect foolproof solution when the date with your colorist is impossible.

First, choose a shade closest to your hair color. Twist the Quick Tint pen until color appears in the brush (first time use requires at least 15 or more clicks!). Apply a tiny amount of pigment to the small comb provided and lightly comb color on hair roots or hairline grays. (TIP: Lifting hair from the roots when applying color, will avoid getting any color on the scalp or skin.). The formula stays on due to its waterproof strength so no worries if you are caught in the rain or take a swim. To remove, simply swipe an eye makeup remover over the color and shampoo.

In a blink, your roots fade and hairline grays are a thing of the past.

Quick Tint is only $12.50 and currently available by calling 1-866-716-4488.

This product is so new (My Beautyberry just had to be the first to let you know!), that the company is establishing their "links", so you might need to leave a message, but they will be sure to return your call.

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