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REUSABLE Hair Color: A Revolutionary Way To Color At Home

June 6th, 2014


~ Just squeeze, disperse and reuse later.  YEAH!

My greys are coming in faster than I can cover them up these days. I do visit the salon for highlights, but I am not planning on spending every two weeks there for touch-ups. I've turned to at-home hair kits for this reason, but always experience a little anxiety mixing the hair color with the activator, and only to find while applying I didn't mix enough. Plus, it's time consuming, and time is of the essence especially when beautifying ourselves. L'Oreal Paris has put a halt to this hair mixing madness, and ingenuously found a way to automatically mix the color ingredients as needed saving the leftover hair color for a later time. This new revolution comes in a one-click bottle called L'Oreal Superior Preference Mousse Absolue, $14.99.

Here's how it works: The mousse comes in a bottle that has a dual chamber. This dual chamber preserves the formulas and keep the color fresh while its waiting to be mixed. All you need to do is shake the bottle, press down on the button and a frothy mousse formula disperses directly to your hair ready to work its color magic. It's truly that amazing; especially for me who prefers to use it for small touch-ups on a regular basis, but it's just as terrific for all over color.

Say good-bye to old fashion hair color, its prep time and complicated mixes and hello to this modern ready-to-use mousse! I highly recommend you checking it out and its fourteen hues to choose from, L'Oreal knows just how much you are worth it!

Available at mass retailers nationwide and check out online the complete range of shades.


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