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Nexxus Highlights its New Color Director:  Sharon Dorram-Krauss

May 13th, 2009


A color wiz lends her expertise.

imageOne visit to Sharon Dorram-Krause's salon, and you would not believe that at-home hair coloring is on the rise. Sharon, Nexxus Color Director, is one of the hottest sought-after colorist at the moment- and probably will remain that way.

Stationed in her sleek uptown salon - Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger Uptown, she shares with top stylist Tim Rodgers, the small, yet impressively stylish and organized quarter feels more like a living room with friends gathering and waiting for their magical color moment.

Here is where you get the hair that befits the lifestyle. Glamorous, chic, natural yet just right highlighting. And if her name has yet to ring a bell you will recognize her beautiful signature highlights casted on such celebrities and socialites like Uma Thurman, Julia Roberts and Kate Winslet. Pssst! During my visit, I spotted a well-known Crowned Princess- whom I will not divulge the name- touching up her perfect blond mane.

In favor of salon-color, Sharon feels strongly about color upkeep. "If you schedule your regular visits your color will continue to look beautiful. My clients are loyal and come back approximately every six weeks." Sharon's biggest color concern... At-home products.They have a tendency to make hair very dry and everyday shampoos and conditioners should target color-treated hair.

imageSolution: Nexxus NEW Dualiste Color Protection line, which has been tested to deliver 30% or better color protection. The scientists behind the brand have conducted some vigorous testing to ensure your color doesn-t go down the drain. Water is the biggest culprit, so believe what the experts say and don't wash every day. Plus it offers a special Color Protection Factor (CPF)) that protects the hair shaft and prevents color fade from washing.

A dual pump allows the product to store color protection on one side and the other stores a specific hair solution targeted for your hair woes! Too dry, try Intense Hydration. Too limp, try the green-coded Volume formula. Split ends and breakage? Purple signifies Anti-Breakage to help strengthen. So you decide the perfect mix right for you. And a must-have for whatever combo you choose, the Intense Hydration Leave-In Spray, which gives hair its soft, silky finish.

So even if Sharon's chic salon shows no sign of the recession, her take home hair care products of choice are affordable and don't compromise on performance.

Nexxus Dualiste Color Protection can be found at fine salons or Nexxus retailers for $11.99 each.
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