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This At-Home Haircolor Shares a Colorist’s #1 Secret

March 18th, 2015


Vidal Sassoon Salonist

How many of us want our at-home hair color to look professional? My hand goes up without hesitation and I am sure many of my readers will agree with this statement. In fact, only 1 in 3 women are satisfied with home hair colors. The color selection process is one problem, but another is application. When you get your hair colored professionally, don't you notice more than one mixing bowl of color? I sometimes see three, but two is usually the norm.

Well, Vidal Sassoon's NEW Salonist Permanent At-Home Hair Color steals colorists’ #1 trade secret – treating new growth at the roots and previously colored hair at the lengths separately.
This product uses the same method and tools your colorist uses in the salon and makes it extremely easy to use. The kit includes TWO coordinating shades, one to be used for your roots, and the other for the mid-length to ends. This will give you a beautifully blended, multidimensional effect avoiding the flat tone of a single process. Over 80 percent of women who color their hair at home are treating the roots and the ends the same. However, a professional colorist knows to treat the roots and lengths of the hair differently to get color that is blended, and full of rich depths and tones. Think of it this way, your roots have never been dyed before, while the rest of the hair has, so automatically you realize different formulas need to be used for the most natural, beautiful color effect to avoid over processing.

The reviews on line have been amazing. Click here to take a look at the 24-shade range and read some reviews. There is also a box on the home page where you can click to receive a $2.00.


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