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Hair Behaving Badly hmm, sound familiar?

October 5th, 2011


A new reality campaign from Dove.

Personally, when I heard about this campaign I immediately thought of my hair as I was fussing with my bangs while watching Rashida try to stuff her hair under a hat. Wet-logged weeks like we had in September, definitely puts a damper on our hairstyle. It seems no matter how you blow it out, pull it back or twist it up, hair seems to have a mind of its own- in fact, two in three women describe their dry, unpredictable hair as having a "mind of its own" according to a recent Dove Hair survey. Hair can be compared to a toddler, when you want them to be on their best behavior and look orderly for a special event quite the contrary happens.

The video below reminds me exactly how I felt when I met up with friends for lunch last week, while running through a downpour. Apparently, Rashida feels the same way and is kicking-off a campaign where she will dramatize the humorous, yet real, relatable struggles that women face with their hair.

The Dove "Make Friends With Your Hair" contest is launching now and Dove Hair hopes to help inspire women to participate. The campaign invites women to share their most unpredictable hair stories to help them end their frustration with unmanageable hair. Find out more now.

imageTo get your hair moving in the right direction, Dove Hair is giving away FIVE Nourishing Oil Care Leave-in Smoothing Cream. It helps turn dry hair into soft, manageable, enjoyable hair.


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If your hair looks's going to be a good day.