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Love Thy Hair

August 8th, 2007


Looking perfect isn’t always worth it.

imageWomen always seem to envy celebrity hair or desire the opposite of what they don't have... straight hair curly or curly hair straight. The people at Dove have real folks in mind, and are on a 'beauty mission'
to increase a woman's hair confidence.

A recent study conducted by Dove shows that if a woman's hair looks good she feels GREAT. The study went on to conclude that a woman actually loves her hair only one day a week. Hair impacts a woman's self-confidence and unfortunately the media plays a huge role in how women perceive hair.

Today we are going to expose some "hair raising" facts and set the truth straight on how you can achieve hair that you love. View this "hair reel" to see how the ordinary really feel when achieving Hollywood Hair.

Celebrity Hair

imageCelebrity hair is in demand, but some behind the scene facts might sway you to think otherwise before wishing you had Jennifer Aniston-straight locks Michelle Pfeiffer waves or model-like shine.

Gretchen Monahan, a celebrity hair stylist, has revealed some startling tips and procedures used in achieving status hair.

To begin, two to three hair stylists are needed to work on a celebrity's hair. That is a lot of pulling, grabbing and curling for one person's hair alone--- just think six hands trying to achieve one style. Plus it normally takes anywhere from two to four hours from beginning to end--- most have trouble sitting still for an hour, imagine four? Cost alone will make you say you love your locks, since it has been estimated that celebrity-style hair upkeep nears
$60,000 a year. This cost alone covers many of our yearly incomes.

If Hollywood Hair is still desirable to you, here are a few extreme techniques which are more torturous than pampering.

#1 Runway and editorial high shine hair might seem quite glamorous, but to achieve this stylists use shoe polish to create lacquer-like shine--- just think what this does to the hair's condition.

#2 Hair looks perfectly in place and stays that way thanks to a 'black-market hair spray' which doesn't leave a hair out of line but the advice is don't inhale, since it isn't safe for the lungs and leaves hair brittle and damaged.

#3 Volume Misconceptions. Hair looks volumized, with a crowning glory of hair cascading from great heights, but did you know soup cans might be hidden beneath the strands?

Let's face it, celebrities and models look beautiful, but the looks you see can't realistically be replicated, at least under normal conditions.

Dove's focus is on what is real and offer these helpful tips to love the hair you have.

- Talk honestly to your hair stylist and let them know what you like about a certain hairstyle. Explain that you have only 15 minutes in the morning to get ready... no more, no less. A consultations is very important in achieving hair you love.

image- Good products help transform your hair from brittle to beautiful and from limp to va'vroom. Don't be afraid to use them and learn how to work them into your styling routine. Dove's hairstyling range offers both affordable and practical products.

Dove's voice is well-heard! To back their convictions even further they are running the Dove Love Your Hair Ad Contest. Winners will have the opportunity to appear in the next Dove Ad Campaign, which focus is 'Real Women'.

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Here's to FIVE, yes notice how I didn't say SEVEN, GREAT hair days a week! After all, if your hair looks good, you feel GREAT! Cheers.


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If your hair looks's going to be a good day.