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Let’s Talk Shampoo

September 26th, 2007


Why you should forgo suds.

imageJumping into the shower and lathering up to a hair full of suds seems so right. Clean is the objective and the more suds the better, right?

Well, did you know that your love for lather is a primary cause for dry, brittle and color fade hair? Shampoos have primary detergents that strip your hair of its natural oils and moisture along with any hair color. Suds are the froth produced from detergents and the chemical names for these 'detergents' are sulfates. Take a peak at your current shampoo, even skin care products; where they are present there too. The most common ones to familiarize you to are Sodium Laurel and Sodium Laureth.

Chaz Dean, a hair stylist and the creator of WEN is all about 'good for you hair care'. His mantra is based on melding nature with technology. No sulfates found in his line. Just botanicals and natural-based oils.

imageWEN's Cleansing Conditioner is a revolutionary one-step cleansing conditioning routine. It offers a perfect balance of herbs and natural ingredients.

Chaz shares this at-home tip, "You can apply the cleansing conditioners to your hair and leave in overnight as an ultra-hydrating mask."

The cleansing conditioners are available in five variations to suit a specific hair benefit, but the Lavender formula is just right for all hair types. [These products are so gentle they can also be used as a body wash, shaving creme and facial cleanser.]

What difference will a sulfate-free shampoo make for your hair?

The biggest immediate difference will be no suds. Lathering up only means 'detergent'--- remember this! Once you can disassociate lathering with cleansing, you can embrace a new healthier approach to washing your hair. Short-term, hair might not feel as clean, but it is, just thicker, and full of volume. After a week or so, hair will feel healthier; more moisturized which means fewer frizzes. Long term you will notice hair color's staying power and if you suffered from a dry, itchy scalp, this will also improve.

Hair care companies are aware that consumers are very savvy and read ingredient lists; therefore (and hopefully!), they will jump on the suds-free bandwagon too.


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