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Intelligent Hair Color

October 28th, 2009


An expert colorist creates color envy in a box. 

Your past is fraught with hair coloring gone wrong. Blonder than you expected, reds that look more like an apple than the color of a sunset, and grays that don't cover up.

Wouldn't it be dreamy if you could replicate your fancy salon hair color at home? Cover up those grays, like a professional. Add face framing highlights just like a true color artiste.

imageIt's not a fantasy; it's a reality, thanks to Kelly Van Gogh, an A-list colorist with determination to give us a straightforward approach to hair coloring. Her hope? "Never have bad hair color again," she shares. "Let's not make it scary, let's make it beautiful. 83% of consumers who try to make a color choice in the store make a wrong choice." She divulges her secret, and has created two unique coloring kits to make it easier for you to choose, use and maintain that perfect hue.

Kelly's TIP on what shade to pick: When in doubt, stay neutral... Hair undertones are categorized as warm (golden), cool (ash) or neutral (natural). If you're unsure of the tone, stick with neutral- you can't go wrong.

image imageFor starters, Root Rehab, $39, ideally for root touch-ups and to cover the gray, uses advanced science and minerals to duplicate your existing color thanks to Mica Shine technology. It practically reads your color. Kelly explains, "When applied to the root area, it's able to pick up the color on either side of the root area and slightly self adjust to what the current level and tone is in the hair." Kelly specifically requested an angled nozzle allowing you to do root touch ups only, not ruining your highlights. And the hairline area gets away gray-free thanks to a brush that paints on the mix. The formula is so rich in conditioners it sticks to the hair, but slides off the skin----no staining, Yippee!

Kelly created 9 shades that she feels confidently matches 90% of all hair colors.

imageimageHeads Up Highlighting System, $49, brings professional formulas in-house. It contains a clear gel, which allows you to see the actual color as it develops. Wonderlust Illuminating Tonic magically stops color from developing any further and adds overall brightening. It doesn't stop here, the custom-tooled accessories shout pro all the way: Highlighting wand, mixing bowl, spatula, hair clips, and reusable gloves duplicate professionals without a doubt.

Feeling spontaneous? Go blonde today. Not so much? Add subtle golden tones instead. Kelly Van Gogh has your every color desire covered, roots and all.

We promise you'll be hearing a lot more on this star-colorist, right here for sure.

Currently available on Space NK, but in January expanding to Bloomingdale's and other outlets.


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