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Hair’s Recharge

October 18th, 2006


Don’t forget hair when it comes to anti-aging needs.

imageJust as time takes a toll on your skin, the same holds true for hair. We use skin-specific anti-aging products to combat these signs, why wouldn't we do the same for our hair?

Everyday use of heat stylers, periodic use of hair colorants and hair's exposure to the effects of pollutants cause hair to look dull, tired and undernourished. The startling finding is that hair actually begins losing its luster as early as in our 20's. The hair follicles become weaker, losing pigment, protein and elasticity. So you may wonder, "I grow new hair all the time." True, but the new growth isn't young." The follicle has changed and has produced less melanin. Metabolism too plays a role. It slows with age, so the body does not secrete as much oil, which gives hair shine.

So, what does aging hair need? A good mix of amino acids, proteins and moisturizers to help penetrate the hair shaft, and help hydrate, strengthen and protect the hair.

The answer... Ageless, created by uber-French hairstylist, Frederic Fekkai. It is a three-step process that includes a shampoo, conditioner and serum to help bring the fountain of youth back to tired tresses. The system contains a bevy of hair recharge ingredients like natural amino acids to moisturize and strengthen, orchid extract and pearl protein to shield hair from free radicals, and keratin to protect against environmental impurities. The Damage-Defense Capsules are quite fascinating and easy to use. The capsules look space-age and are filled with a high tech vitamin serum that deposit "decoy" molecules shielding hair from UV rays and other environmental age accelerators. This is the perfect final step to styling your hair, and also a great short-term solution for making hair look younger.

Like skin care, Frederic Fekkai believes in a pro-active approach to hair care. "The Ageless products not only repair, but also prevent future damage. When hair is shiny and manageable, it looks healthier. Take years off your look with an anti-aging hair care routine."
~Frederic Fekkai

[The Ageless Hair Care System is available exclusively at Neiman Marcus and at the new Frederic Fekkai Salon & Spa at Henri Bendel's, NYC.]


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