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Hair Tailoring

March 11th, 2010


Custom-fit for styling.

Products for your hair type are so passe. The new trend is catering to your specific haircut.

imageMeet HerCut, the first line to change people's choice in hair care selection.

How does the line work?

According to Kyan Douglas, HerCut Brand Ambassador, "It's an industry secret that there are really five essential hair styles that all stylists master during their training. No matter what your hair type, your stylist uses the same techniques to create your style. Maintaining that look is about using products tailored to the cut, not the hair itself."

What are the five major cuts- the bob, the pixie, the shag, the blunt cut and long layers.

What is the science behind HerCut?

HerCut uses "catalysts" that work on a molecular level to ensure that thehair product conforms to your cut. The "catalysts" are key to shape and define each selective haircut. Bobs require a product that is more weighted to create a forward motion, while shags need to enhance separation of the various layers.

imageAnother new line making an introduction is celebrity stylist's Ric Pipino's new range Revolution in Cut. Similarly, Pipino's line targets the specific haircut, but what make this line different is his Primers which offer pre-styling options that provide specific levels of hold, volume, texture, and shine proportionally to individual styles. The line is launching now at Beauty 360.

Complicated it might seem, but both lines easily breakdown your haircut's need, are sulfate- and paraben-free and smell incredibly delicious! And I mean that... so fresh!


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If your hair looks's going to be a good day.