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My Hair Disaster!

December 19th, 2014


~ Even Beauty Editors Get Bad Haircuts

I’ve been in a beauty funk these days, especially, not loving my hair. It’s not my stylist that I am unhappy with- I’ve been faithful to him for the past two years- but feel as though I need a change. So, I ventured out to try someone new. BIG mistake.

The day of the so-call appointment, I was brimming with anticipation, and visualizing that I would be walking around with the perfect style. I could see the exact cut I want in my head, so clearly, that if I could cut hair myself I would be the happiest girl in town. But in this case, I can’t, however, I still thought nothing possible could go wrong.. I was excited --- and a little nervous all at the same time. I as so ready.

I realize there could be a hair language barrier, so I prepared months in advance. I thought I did everything right, exactly the way I would recommend to all of you.

- Admired someone’s hair in its many styles for a long time, not at first glance, check.
- Ask woman with nice hair for her stylist name and if she would recommend him. check. (In fact, she raved about him, really feeling excited now.)
- Held on to this information for six months, and continued to think of the possibility of my hair looking as great as hers. check.
- Finally, feeling 100% ready, made an appointment. check.
- Prior to appointment , gathered images of what I like, what I didn’t and what my expectations are. check.
- Insisted on meeting new stylist for a consultation, before my hair was wet to discuss proposed new look. check.
- Stylist said all the right things to keep my anxiety level down: “you have beautiful hair”, “no need to cut it as short as you want to go”, “it will look great, I know exactly what you are talking about”, “wonderful, thanks for the photos”, and he confirmed he knew exactly the client I was referring too. check.

So, all the golden rules have been checked off. However, I was left with a cut that was a ‘nope’ rather than a ‘yeah’! Where did I go wrong? I thought I did it all right, but I will simply say four inches later, my hair is being worn back more these days than down. Thankfully, the front was spared and mirrors a similar look to what I had. The crazy thing was, “I didn’t flip out”. Hair is my security blanket. Have I come of age? Finally, being mature and realizing hair isn’t the end all? Maybe I have been enlightened by things happening in my world: a close friend going through cancer losing all her hair, but still being strong, powerful, courageous and beautiful through it all has given me insight to life on what REALLY is important. I could tell you one thing, it isn’t hair that’s for sure, it’s life its self.
Not to say, I’m shopping for a quick fix, and what has come to my rescue besides insight, which tops it, is a good flat iron and straightening products to get me through this mess. Thank goodness for Sephora's Smooth: Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron $80, which is very reasonable and works great, while TRESemme's 7 Day Smooth, helped keep it sleek shampoo to shampoo. While he did cut the back, he didn't style the bottom and I have more of a 'pouf' then chicness-oy! I'll get through this with me and my products:)!

And, what did go wrong with my hair cut: I think I can say, I had ‘hair disaster’ due to my stylist who DID NOT listen to a word I said. And when ‘tis face showed alarm with the amount of inches cut, an answer of “I decided to just cut it, it’s healthier now too” just doesn’t warrant a return back to this dude.


- Back.

If your hair looks's going to be a good day.