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Hair Color-Saving Advice

April 11th, 2007


Simple ways to keep ‘just colored hair’ vibrant.

Hair Colorist, Patrick McIvor a Redken artist and owner of the Patrick McIvor Color Studio in Bethlehem, PA, has shared his expertise and wonderful tips on ways to maximize your newly colored hair and keep it fresh and vibrant looking for as long as possible.

imageMBB: Any tips in prolonging the color seal prior to getting your hair colored, professionally or at home?

PM: One of the biggest mistakes is women don't think ahead to the long-term maintenance of their hair color. If you don't want to be hassled with touch-ups every three weeks, stay close to your natural tone and go only one or two shades lighter or darker. As a rule, the further you go away from your natural color, the quicker the growth comes in. The health of your hair plays a crucial role in retaining color. Consider giving your hair a protein treatment, which will build up parts of the hair, helping hair color to adhere better. Healthy hair maintains color much better than dry, damaged hair.

MBB: What should you not do?

PM: You should not color on dirty hair or hair 'loaded' with product. This only prevents the color from taking properly. Hair should be clean (its okay if you have a "light" product on hair like a hairspray, just not stiff and heavy.) Also, this doesn't mean you need to wash it right before your appointment, as long as it is in good condition.

MBB: How long should you wait after coloring before shampooing hair?

: The longer the better... think of it this way, every time you do something you lose color. When you wash your hair, blow-dry, go in the sun, swim, etc. The idea is to learn how to "manage it". The less you
wash your hair, the more your color will last.

MBB: What is the best water temperature to use when washing your hair?

PM: As cool as you can take it. There is truth behind the fact that cold-water rinses close the cuticle, which offers more reflection shine and protection.

Here are some of Patrick's 'insider' tips:

image- Shampoo "takes stuff off"; therefore use a shampoo sparingly. If you have the urge for daily cleaning try this tip. Use a daily shampoo applied to dry hair and rinse; or two to three times a week use only a conditioner. [MBB recommends Ted Gibson's daily cleanse shampoo and daily nourish conditioner just launching now.]

- If you complain, "color looks like it fell off on the hairline" consider a change of hairstyle. Hair that is blunter or offers a severe cut will show color growth the quickest. Look for hairstyles that don't have a defined part, which is wavy or offers layers that come forward versus pull back.

- Tell the colorist to make the hairline a little bit lighter~ this makes the growth appear less severe. This gives a nice sun-kissed look especially at this time of year.

- Think "conditioning" your hair versus washing. Conditioning redistributes your body's natural oils. [Try Nexxus Color Ensure Replenishing Conditioner & Detangler.]

image- When you get your hair professionally done in the salon, part of the process after coloring is to deep condition the hair. This closes the cuticle and helps seal in the color. For people who use at-home color
kits, this is a vital step, and not to be skipped. Why? Because after you shampoo, you leave the cuticle open, allowing color to be unprotected. To "lock-in the color" use the deep conditioner supplied in the kit. [Revlon has just launched Colorist, which supplies 2-minute weekly Colorglaze treatments.]

Color fade is a crime especially with these professional-like treatments now available for at-home use":

image- Redken Color Extendand Blond Glam line
- Clairol Color Boosting Glaze
- John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze
- Paul Mitchell Color Protect Daily Shampoo
- Matrix Shade Memory Restorative System Color Enhancing Foam Conditioner

imageMy Beautyberry just spotted a great new product find to help touch-up grays. Color Mark is available in 12 shades and instantly helps temporarily make roots disappear until you wash it out.

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Top photo courtesy by Redken.


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