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Hair Color Reversal

May 30th, 2007


When at-home hair color goes bad

imageWe've all been there, tried a new at-home hair color only to find you are left with a blotched color disaster. You turn to desperate hair covering tactics to deal with your unhappy results.

Color Oops (great name!) is now a must-have product to add to your beauty emergency kit. It is the first product of its kind that "erases" hair color mistakes and takes hair back to its natural color.

My Beautyberry
asked Phillip Agrey, Vice President, Research & Development Developus, the scientist and formulator behind Color Oops, how it all works.

MBB: How does Color Oops work?

imagePA: It works by reversing the oxidation process. When hair color is applied to hair, small clear color molecules are penetrated into the hair and then oxidized. The oxidation process causes the color molecules to swell into large colorful pigments. Color Oops works by reversing the oxidation process. When applied to hair, Color Oops shrinks down the large colorful pigments into small clear molecules that easily wash from the hair.

MBB: How quickly do you have to use Color Oops once you realize you've made a mistake?

PA: The great thing about Color Oops is it works on colors whether they are 1 day or one year old.


MBB: Can it be used on permanent and semi-permanent hair color?

PA: Color Oops will remove any color that uses oxidative pigments. Our consumers can know if a color has oxidative pigments very simply, if a color is mixed with a developer/peroxide it has oxidative pigments. The only colors Color Oops can not remove are colors containing direct dyes. Direct dyes are usually colors that do not require to be mixing with a developer/peroxide.

MBB: Color Oops is ideal for those who have made a mistake when taking their hair color darker. But for those who have 'made a mistake' and gone lighter; Color Oops isn't for them, correct?

PA: Yes, Color Oops can only remove artificial pigment. It can not replace lost pigment. When a consumer lightens their hair, they are actually removing their natural pigment. To get back to natural color they would need to replace that lost pigment. That can be achieved by re-coloring their hair with a color similar to their natural pigment. If a consumer colors their hair darker, Color Oops will return the hair to its natural color.

Next time your new hair color is not what you expected, just say "oops" I need my trusty quick fix.

Available at Walgreens or check out this great deal at Color Oops.


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If your hair looks's going to be a good day.