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Getting to the Root of the Problem

March 28th, 2013


Clairol’s NEW Root Touch Up

imageThose pesky roots and grays keep coming back quicker than you can say “fudge pops”, I know because it happens to me. I get my hair professionally colored, but if I were to go to my trusty gal every time I need a touch up I would be better offer buying stock in the salon. I just can’t afford it, and I know this is a number one problem for many of you too.

According to a recent Clairol survey, 89% of colorists would recommend Root Touch-Up over others for root maintenance. Clairol Color Director Marie Robinson of the NYC Marie Robinson Salon feels the same way and has been recommending this product since it first launched back in 2005.

What is so great about it is its easy DIY application and now Clairol is so excited to share its NEW Expert Control Brush and NEW Rounded Tray.

I also had a chance to ask Marie Robinson what are her top tips when touching up roots at home. Here’s what she had to say:

• The moment you start to see grays growing in your root line, reach for a box of Clairol Root Touch-Up. It helps women erase their roots and grays in just 10 minutes, offering 100% gray coverage for up to three weeks
•The Root Touch-Up formula contains a blend of tones that is guaranteed to match both at-home hair color and salon shades so no matter what your hair color, Root Touch-Up will cover up those grays.
•Before you color, read the instructions! If you don’t, it can lead to improper formula application and undesirable results.
• It now contains a NEW brush and bowl that makes application even easier! The new brush is similar to the one I use at my salon for accurate application. I love that the new pointed styling tip helps with parting/separating sections of hair so you don’t have to use a comb. The sturdier tray also allows for an easier time mixing the product without fear of tipping over.
• Prolong your color by protecting it from the elements. Always don a hat when spending a significant amount of time outdoors so the sun does not fade your color. Also, condition hair prior to swimming and rinse with fresh water after.

And lastly, I am a culprit of this: Mixing some formula now and saving some for later. Don't do it, advises Marie Robinson. Once you open the product and air gets in, there’s a possibility that the product will oxidize and if you try to use it again later, the results won’t be the same. The amount of product provided in Root Touch Up is enough for just the roots, so odds are you won’t be wasting much product at all.

Clairol's NEW Nice 'n Easy Root Touch Up is launching now in mass retailers nationwide. Look for the NEW to be certain you are getting the most updated brush!


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