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FRIZZ Control

May 29th, 2015


~ A powered hair sheet for fixes on the go!

There are multi-purpose wipes for household cleaning, ones to clean your face, even 'tushee' wipes for your pet (not kidding!), anti-static wipes for your clothes, so why not a fuss-free cloth to keep your hair in check?

Gosh, I walked over thirty NYC blocks this Wednesday, and didn't look pretty doing so. My hair lacked any style thanks to the high humidity, but thankfully, I just attended the Women’s Health 2015 #SocialMoments Beauty Awards Event. As I was strolling down the street, with this 'beauty-filled' bag of treats, I noticed one product glimpsing up at me. As if to say, 'TRY ME NOW', I made a quick stop, and pulled out this small box that read 'Anti-Frizz Sheets' on it. As if it read my mind, I thought what a perfect time to try it. It did not let me down, and when I got home later that day, I conducted more research and found I am not alone. Receiving favorable reviews, I am happy to share this 'find' with you. And thank you to the readers and to Women's Health Magazine for inviting me to your great event, and making me privy to many favorable new products I might not have considered.

These Nunzio Saviano Anti-Frizz Sheets help maintain control, no matter the weather, and will be your trusty savor this summer. With a gentle swipe from roots to ends these coconut oil infused sheets smooth flyaways.

Box contains 12 sheets for $18



- Back.

If your hair looks's going to be a good day.