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April 21st, 2010


Don’t you wish you can get one right now?

imageAsk me my greatest beauty indulgence and I would have to say having my hair blown out. I'm sure the feeling is mutual; amongst my group of friends it's unanimous without a doubt.

Blowout bars are opening up on a steady pace; I only wish one would land in the town of Bedford. Many versions are popping up in Manhattan, Los Angeles and Vancouver.

imageThis hot business has a strong demand, but when you can't get to one, opt for this can instead.

Blow, the first blowout salon to open five years ago in NYC, is doing their best to help us achieve the perfect blowout at home. Aware that a good blowout can last several days, the owners have created Blow Out Spray designed to complement a blow out. It offers a look that is soft and natural with one serious hold.

A personal favorite thanks to its non-stick spray, and I mean no stiffness at all. Your hair is touchable, but always in place. The citrus scent is a fresh update on hairspray's stale smell.

The word around town: Blowouts are soon to be the new manicure. If only it was as easily accessible as the nail salon.

Who knows, one day....?


- Back.

If your hair looks's going to be a good day.