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A Summer Hair-Refresher

June 30th, 2010


My latest discovery gets me out of a greasy bind.

imageSummer's high heat increases our sweat potential; therefore our hair pays the price and frequent washes are a necessity to looking good.

I just learned a little "secret" to fresh-feeling hair, without having to put your head under water more than you would like.

TRESemme Fresh Start Collection offers a unique solution that refreshes hair on days when you skip a shampoo- or in dire need for a wash, but no time to style and only a chignon will do.

The line removes excess oil, odor and frizz. The shampoos- dry or waterless- is proven to reduce excess oil by approximately 75% without water, also allowing color-treated hair to last longer due to fewer washes. The Waterless Foam Shampoo is best for curly/dry hair, but I use it anyway due to its waterless technology.

All the products are formulated with the hot new ingredient-citrus extracts, which offers a refreshing scent.

These products should find a place in your bag whether you're at the beach, gym or a weekend away. You will be happy you found it, trust me.

Click here to find out how it works.


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If your hair looks's going to be a good day.