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Let’s Talk About Hair Repair

August 7th, 2013


~ CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY “Right End” Hair Revolution

Even Oprah wants to "Talk About Hair" these days as she "Wigs Out" on the cover of her September Issue. Hair is important to many women, for me, if I have a good hair day, it's going to be a good day all around. So when a PR Company offered me to a hair challenge, while experiencing my own hair crisis, well I accepted.

Normally I don't agree to certain challenges introduced to me by PR Agencies. I feel as though it is just a ploy to write about their product. But sometimes a challenge is presented to you in a time of need, like losing weight or in my case 'dry, damaged hair', and you rise to the occasion and accept it in hope of seeing a noticeable difference.

Let me back track a bit, I tried a new colorist 8 months ago, and instead of creating beautiful, natural highlights, she stripped my hair blond than glazed over it to darken it up. The colorist was a sweetheart, young mother from Ireland who made a name for herself at a local salon, who was incredibly patient and just so darn nice- she even delivered homemade dinners to the priests at her local parish. I decided to give her another chance, but this time it was soon after she returned from her maternity leave, and I felt her mind was more on pumping her breast milk than hair coloring. My hair, once again, came out the same, dry, brittle and over processed. Ugh! I loved her, but didn't love her talent so I decided that was my last straw- no pun intended as my hair felt like straw too!

We all have a natural hair disaster at least once in our life- I've had at least three, this being one of them, a bad haircut and a perm in my youth being the other two. My hair has never been this dry, this blond, and I hated it!

imageA few months ago, Heidi Klum recently kicked off the Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy “Right End” Hair Revolution – a haircare movement that invites women to work at the right end of hair – the scalp. And now I am part of it too! The challenge for me was to use the Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy products for 7 days, and the result would be stronger, more beautiful hair. Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy is a breakthrough approach that starts with scalp nourishment and gives women stronger, more beautiful hair. I will say my hair felt better, less dry and definitely became healthier. I used the deep conditioner on the ends every third day, and it gave my hair the extra mending it needed without over conditioning it.

imageNow, I invite you to try this line, and see if you have a positive experience too. I am giving away TWO CLEAR tote bags to sport around in style. ENTER NOW by sending me an email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and enter TOTE in the subject line. Deadline ends 8/8/13 at midnight, EST.

I also suggest joining the “Right End” Hair Revolution by heading to where you will be notified about receiving free product samples in the future.

Available at mass retailers nationwide for $4.99 each, shampoo and conditioner.


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If your hair looks's going to be a good day.