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5 of Hair Color’s Worst Enemies

January 27th, 2010


We spoke to a pro to get the lowdown.

imageWhatever your shade, one thing is for sure, the same hair color culprits can ruin your color sooner than you know. We turned to Kelly Van Gogh, world-renowned Master Hair Colorist and product innovator, to find out hair's worst enemies and learn some tricks to achieve hair colors best outcome.

1.Environmental Pollutants. These pollutants bind to your hair depleting them of shine and weighing down hair causing it to appear dirty and dingy. This weakens the strands and prevents it from holding and maintaining hair color.
2.Caustic Water. This is a harmful agent and a common offender is sodium hydroxide, a substance used to control pipe corrosion. It helps to wash out the color and deplete hair's health.
3.Thermal Heat. All styling tools and frequent use of the blow dryer add to the dryness and brittleness of hair.
4.UV Rays. Limit your exposure to sun- if you are spending the day outside be sure to apply a hair protector that limits exposure to UV rays. Best hair color saver, cover up under a scarf or hat.
5.Control Porosity. Hair porosity refers to the hair's ability to absorb moisture. When hair is too porous, it is typically damaged usually due from too much coloring or over processing from chemical treatments. Porous hair absorbs hair chemicals very quickly and gets damaged quickly. Hair that is not very porous doesn't absorb chemicals quickly and can be difficult to color. How can you find the right balance? It is important to use hair masques and deep conditioners to help smooth the cuticles and help the hair regain a healthy balance. [See Kelly's Tips.]

Kelly's Tips:
-Colored hair should be washed every 3-5 days with a specialized shampoo to complement colored hair.
-Prepare the hair for color by letting your hair go on a vacation and treat it with rich conditioners- especially in winter when hair is at its driest. Plan these treatments close to your hair coloring appointments- at-home or in salon. This helps lead the way for better pigment absorption and healthier color.
image-DIY upgrade! Bring salon luxe hair coloring into your home with her Root Rehab, plus color choices are as close to a professional choosing it for you.

imageKelly's newest line works to protect against all five factors and consist of intense conditioners, like Rich and Delicious that is packed with caviar amino proteins, vitamin C and keratin to make even the most tired hair come alive, to her Daily Hair Caviar Shampoo and Conditioner gentle for everyday use. But my all time favorite is the one product wonder- Wonderlust. This multi-tasking spray contains mica shine particles that are suspended in an omega rich cocktail that works double duty to restructure hair and illuminate its color! Brand new and launching now, it is a must to restore and ignite your hair into tip top color shape.

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If your hair looks's going to be a good day.