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July 14th, 2010


One Dial, Three Looks

imageToday we are taking a trip down memory lane to reminisce about a favorite product of mine, Maybelline Dial-A-Lash.

This original mascara was so well-liked due to its dial-up capabilities, you thought you were creating a multitude of lash looks. Did it really perform? Probably not, but the concept made you think it did.

If you were ever unsure about how significant a player Dial-A-Lash was in the world of beauty ask any one of your friends; I'm sure they'll remember.

Consumers loved the ability to "personalize" their lashes, while marketers reveled in the success of the "change in setting, change the look" advertising slogan.

Now Almay has reinvented a good thing, Almay Dial Up Mascara, which allows you to take your lashes from full, fuller to fullest.

Use the top applicator like you would normally use a mascara and rotate the middle dial to the desired lash look.

But before you adjust the dial to fullest, here's a word of advice- stick to Level 1 & 2- your lashes will be prettier.

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