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Supercharged Eyelashes

June 4th, 2008


Products offering incredible lash appeal.

Who wants lash extensions when you can 'grow' and enhance your very own!

The hottest beauty trend is taking eyelashes to new lengths, plus adding a 'new spin' on traditional mascara packages and formulas.

Mascara That Moves to the Beat

imageFor all you gadget lovers SPINLash is for you. This revolutionary mascara application wand spins as you apply. The end benefit is nice, natural no-clump lashes. Two caveats: It says it can be used with 'your own brand', but don't get disillusioned, it really means keep the SPINLash clean and use over your own brand mascara application. Secondly, the formula does not wear well and smears shortly after application. However, an applaud is in order for total innovation. Launching now at Target stores nationwide, $14.95.

Lash Stain-ing Power
imageTarte's NEW 4 Day Lash Stain Mascara, $18.00, breaks the beauty rule of 'don't sleep with your mascara on' and wants you to keep wearing it three nights in a row! This 4-day stay (3-days work best!) keep lashes looking naturally full without reapplying. Perfect for summer's simple look and pool time play. Insider tip: Keep "oil-base creams and eye removers" away from the eye area to preserve the extended wear time.

Lash Formulas Go High Tech
imageimageimageLash lengthening and conditioning is the HOT, HOT topic of the moment. These lash nourishers strengthen and stimulate the eyelash follicle which improves the length of lashes- in essence make them grow. Believe its hogwash? Well its not, check out the Dailies for more on this topic.
From Left to Right: Marini Lash Eyelash Conditioner, PeterThomasRoth Lashes To Die For, DermaQuest DermaLash
Insider Secret: It can also be used on the brows to help promote faster growth!


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