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Sphere Factor

October 21st, 2009


L’Oreal’s Telescopic Explosion Mascara

imageL'Oreal is setting lashes aflutter, and it's going to be your new secret weapon.

Batting your lashes always seems to work in your favor. Now, Telescopic Explosion Mascara will up the level for greater lash envy. Besides enhancing your gorgeous eyes, it could also win you a primo seat at the trendy restaurant in town. Or better yet, get you past the stadium ushers at the World Series...easier than Kate Hudson can get her VIP seat.

Telescopic Explosion Mascara will grant you this honor, we promise.

It's loaded with fringe benefit...
- The spherical angle brush gets to the root of the lash
- Adapts to every eye shape
- Reaches even the tiniest corner and lower lashes

Roseanne Fama, L'Oreal VP of Product Development and the marketing wiz that makes this product just right says, "Never have we seen something so small achieve such greatness, and I mean corner to corner! Your eyes won't believe your lashes."

We found Telescopic Explosion Mascara takes a little time to adapt to, but once you do, boy are you going to love it. Us it alone or we found it is best used as an addition to yourfav mascara, as it allows you to customize your own lash appeal.

Those come hither-lashes can be yours anytime of day. Just think what it will do to your batting average.

L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara, $9.49, is launching November 2009 nationwide at mass retailers.


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