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Seven Shades In One Smart Tube

May 27th, 2009


Create, click and apply.

If there's one thing you can't get enough of, it's lipstick.

imageBut how many more tubes can you throw into your bag when you're running out the door. Rummaging on the bottom, looking and searching you pull out your lip balm, a roll of Mentos and a gloss dating back a year or two ago.

An easier way to choose your lipstick fate? Avon's SpectraColor Lipstick. It's an innovative tube with a dial that allows you to customize the shade. And you can achieve 7 shades from carrying along just one tube! Now that's what we call convenience and smart packaging development.

First, select a shade from one of the TEN color families...ranging from The Nudes to The Berries. Adjust the dial to control the depth (7 being the deepest and 1 the palest) of color. One click and it instantly deepens or lightens the tone.

imageJillian Dempsey,the creative force behind Avon and the Global Creative Color Director shares,

"I love that SpectraColor Lipstick allows you to customize your lip shade," says Jillian. "Women like to stay in the same color family and this gives you full control."

Avon's SpectraColor Lipstick
lets you rethink your lipstick choices and customize your shade fitting for the day, work or an evening affair.

The one downfall? You will have so much fun dialing up color, less time will be devoted to the rest of your face.
But hey, at least your lips will look great.

Launching June 2009, $9.50. To locate an Avon Representative call 1-800-FOR-AVON or visit


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The best color in the whole world, is the one that looks good, on you!

—Coco Chanel