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Project Sister - REVEALED

August 23rd, 2013


Welcome EM Michelle Phan

Many of my close friends know I’ve been freelancing on a secret project, since January, and I am excited to share all the details now.

My product development skills kicked in for this special assignment as I was asked to co-consult at first production for a new launch (over 200 shades!). The project was kept under wraps with a pseudo-name, Project Sister. This is how we do it in the world of marketing. I was sworn to secrecy, signed a confidentiality agreement, and promised I wouldn’t say a word. An amazing Marketing Team (the SISTERS) -and a big shout out to Roseanne Fama- in tandem with a recognizable and EXTREMELY talented artist--- Michelle Phan, developed this project. For those who don’t recognize her name, you will now. She became an overnight sensation staring in her own how-to YouTube video back in 2007, which garnered over 40,000 views in one week. She can transform herself into a Fairy Princess, Barbie, Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie (one of my favorites, I posted the link below), and her most recent re-creation of Cara Delevingne with a few skillful strokes from her makeup brush dipped in her well-equipped cosmetic palette. Oh, and I forgot to mention she is only in her ‘20s.

Click here to view the Angelina Jolie Tutorial

This star talent didn’t take long to go unnoticed by a prestigious cosmetic firm, L’Oreal Paris, who immediately signed her to co-create colorful Lancôme promotions. Her success, or should we say followers (over 415,000 on Twitter) and Facebook likes (1.4 million) only continue to grow, and the experts realized Michelle Phan was ready for the next BIG thing.

Welcome EM Michelle Phan…. The next generation in makeup. EM, a word used in Vietnamese as a term of endearment, Michelle has put the same level "love" and detail that goes into her makeup videos into each and every one of her products.
What else is so new about it? Real girls have inspired her line, products and shades, for real-life moments from date night lipstick to a party life palette from all over the world. And that’s not all, each shade palette has an on-line tutorial to guide you through application choices to create, experiment and have fun.

I invite you to check it out, turn your daughter on to it, she probably knows all about Michelle Phan by now, and enjoy the palettes. Visit Some of my favorites already are: Makeup Mood Enhancer in the Golden Hour, which I mix in with my tinted moisturizer for a beautiful bronze glow, Cushiony Lip Balm, which is a definite must-have in Pillow Plush, and the Beach Life Palette, which is neutral, bronzy, and fresh!

imageOh, and what role did I play? I helped make sure that every foundation shade, mood enhancer, concealer and lipstick was the exact shade that Michelle had planned it to be, and well, if it wasn’t, I worked with an amazing team of lab experts to ensure we got it right.

As they say “it takes a village to raise a child”, and in this case “it takes sisterhood to create a makeup line”.



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