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Prisme to Glow

February 10th, 2010


A reflection you’re gonna love. 

As someone who loves the look of a sunlit glow, I am always searching for the perfect mix of shades to create that radiant, just returned from vacay finish.

I usually opt for a creamy mix of rosy pink and bronze, but recently found something that I like even better- especially right for spring and summer.

imageGivenchy's Le Prisme Visage

The powders' unique combination of matte and glow textures, allows it to impart a radiant effect, with as much pearlescence as required to sculpt the volumes of the face. These ultra-light powders spread evenly across the skin blending perfectly with its natural coloring, maintaining a full radiant effect until they are removed.

Inside secret: the pearlescent particles are also atomized to achieve a glowing effect with no shiny highlights.

Le Prisme Powder is available in nine shade ranges each in harmonies of four.

imageimageAnd it doesn't stop there...
As the latest addition to the Le Prisme repertoire, the Mono Collection for eyes is just as wondrous. Whether you are getting ready for work, a big event or a night out on the town, this eye collection allows you limitless possibilities from softly highlighted eyes to a theatrical finish. The interplay of textures allows you to mix and be the creator of almost any look.


- Back.

The best color in the whole world, is the one that looks good, on you!

—Coco Chanel