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Mystified By Your Foundation

October 11th, 2006


Say bye bye to foundation brushes, sponges and fingertip application.

A Beautylogue from the Editor...

image The latest foundation technique is only a mist away. Being a BIG fan of airbrushing, I was so excited to learn about SK-II's new Air Touch Foundation. [FYI: SK-II is a Japanese firm owned by Procter & Gamble.] I mentioned the popularity of airbrushing in a recent Beautyflash HD Ready Face article (see Cosmetic Archives), and now happy to learn the application process keeps getting easier and easier. SK-II's new foundation is battery-powered and disperses an ultra fine mist... just as the professionals use minus the bulky compressor and constantly clogging airbrush gun.

Here is how it works:
Air Touch is a hand held disk that holds an ionizer and a cartridge of color (which is refillable). The ionizer charges up the tiny particles of foundation color, and when you press the button, it allows the color to be drawn to the negative charge of moisturized skin. If you have ever tried airbrushing you know how it enhances facial hair and your eyebrows and eyelashes can get exaggerated and covered in makeup. With Air Touch this doesn't happen, the foundation will not be attracted to the areas where there is no moisture.

Sound all so confusing. Trust me it is not. I just added a little Science 101 for those who like to know how it works.

The Application:
It is recommended to apply eyeshadow and blush first, then apply the foundation. It helps seal in the makeup and completes the look. Next, with eyes closed, hold the dispenser 4 inches away from your face. Starting at the top of your forehead; use a zigzag direction covering your whole face. All you will feel is a light blowing of air, and you will not even believe foundation is misting on your
skin. Once finished, DO NOT TOUCH. Let dry for a few minutes. The plus side of this foundation is that it is sheer, therefore looking extremely natural and flawless. If you would like heavier coverage, you can apply a light layer of your own foundation before the Air Touch application. Alternatively, once dry, go over areas where you feel needs more coverage. Just think, no messy foundation spills and the application is extremely hygienic never touching the skin.

The Look:
Incredible! Skin looks flawless and very model-esque--- I know at our age, we don't strive to be models, but a model perfect skin finish is a whole other story. Your skin looks dewy, beautiful and flawless. Skin tone looks even and smooth. You will need to look in the mirror a few times, because you won't believe your eyes. I have tried other spray-on foundations, but they all contained powder and looked heavy on the skin, making skin look dry and enhancing lines and wrinkles. Air Touch contains no powder and offers skin-moisturizing ingredients. Skin simply glows with natural radiance.

The Cost:
The price is a bit steep at $150, includes device and refill. Additional cartridges come two in a pack at $80 per refill. One vice is that it is only available in four shades.

Last Word:
As Pat McGrath, international makeup artist and part of the team behind the launch of this product, has said... "I'm really excited about the Air Touch Foundation and I can't wait for all of the women in the world to use it. This extraordinary product is something that arrives in the beauty industry only once in a hundred years!"

I agree. It is a great discovery!

[Availability is limited and offered only at select Saks stores. In the meantime, call the counter direct at 212-940-4293. Stay tuned to, as it will be featured any day now.]


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