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May The MAKEUP Madness Begin!

March 19th, 2016


~ Check out these tints that I am loving for my over 40 skin!

It may be March Madness for many, but for me, it's MAKEUP MADNESS! I've been searching for a new tinted makeup that will get me through the warmer weather. As we age, I know our skin shows imperfections and wrinkles, and my skin is far from perfect, but I try real hard to get it to the point that makes me 'happy'. And I feel the more transparent a product is the more glow you get, the more the skin looks radiant.

Here are my top choices that I've tried in the past couple of weeks:
- Honest Beauty Everything Primer, $27, YES, it says primer, but the inside scoop is you can wear it on its own, and that's exactly what I have been doing. This creamy, light formula is your go- to when you are running out to barre, errands or to your child's sport games. It acts more like a skin-brightening moisturizing in my book, and has the sheerest of finishes than the other two that I am recommending. It contains a hint of golden shimmer, so soft, but yet enough to bring out that radiance that I love! (They also have Tinted Moisturizers that sound amazing, I just haven't tried them yet!)
- Derma E BB Creme, Light or Medium, $39.50 $19.50, I just discovered it and now learn it is being discontinued! I am not sure why, as you will find when you try it yourself. It is beautiful, and the medium color is perfect for my skin--- it looks dark at first, but blends in seamlessly, and leaves a beautiful youthful glow. All the reviews are very positive, so get it while you can and at a great price! On their site or I bought mine on Amazon, no shipping cost!
- DeVita Moisture Tint, $31.95, I accidentally stumbled on this find at Whole Foods, applied it, fell in love and went back to buy it! It is 100% Vegan too, so my animal lover friends will perk their ears to hear more. It is very creamy and gives the right amount of coverage to camouflage minor imperfections. It also contains many good for the skin ingredients like Japanese green tea, pomegranate extract and coconut oil, leaving the skin with a nice, dewy complexion. Visit the site or Whole Foods.



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The best color in the whole world, is the one that looks good, on you!

—Coco Chanel