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Lipstick Maverick

November 12th, 2008


Economic collapse; upswing in lipstick sales.

"Lipstick sales have long risen in times of economic hardship and/or war. Women need to cut back on flippery and fluffery in these times however...lipstick is a cost effective way to boost morale both in the wearer and the beholder. It is an immediate visual statement of optimism." ~Poppy King, Creator of Lipstick Queen

imageDespite the drop in the stock market, retail lows, and stagnate house market one thing is sure on the rise- lip color sales. In fact, increase of lipstick purchases in chaotic financial times has been a proven indicator that personal indulgences offer instant-gratification and happiness. The 'Lipstick Index '- the market barometer that says cosmetic sales rise in direct relation to a drain in consumers' wallet- has risen. Additionally, Governor Palin's well-remembered "lipstick" statement only add to the sales; especially her signature rosy brown shade. A market study has reported that sales in the last few months are up 40%. With the economic state, this percent should rise well into next year and many more new introductions will only fuel- they goodness this has gone down- sales.

imageFormula & Color Trends
Roseanne Fama, VP of Product Development at L'Oreal Paris, shares her insight on trends emerging in lip color.
-Highly opaque formulations are out and sheerer/glossier ones are in
-Added skin care benefits like vitamin cocktails and sunscreen are now a lipstick must
-Balm-like textures that deliver unsurpassed hydration combine care + color
-Mineral-based formulas
-Pigments are cleaner, richer and look more vibrant because they are formulated to better reflect light
-Light-reflecting pearls make lip color look more radiant

imagePackaging Highlights
Traditional lipsticks are looking to new forms of packaging for convenience and visual color effect. "Lipstick is fun and stylish so why shouldn't the packaging be. Checkout Avon's Pro to Go and our new Hollywood Lights light- up Lip gloss," shares Eileen Higgins, VP of Global Product Development for AVON. "Also, as a limited edition we have a Pro to Go Silver edition."

Here's a lowdown of the latest introductions or soon-to-be ones:

NEW (within the past six months or so)...
-Lancome L'Absolu Rouge
-M.A.C Cremesheen lipstick
-L'Oreal Bare Naturale lip
-Revlon Beyond Natural Protective Liptint SPF 15
-Becca Sheer Tint Lip Colour- launching now!
-YSL Beaute Rouge Volupte lipstick
-Makeup Forever Liquid Lip
-Lipstick Queen by Poppy King sheer lip
-Kat Von D Painted Love lipstick at Sephora
-e.l.f Mineral Lipstick

Coming in January 2009 and beyond:
-Shiseido's Perfect Rouge
-Max Factor Vivid Impact Lipcolor
-Paul & Joe Lipstick N
-Modelco lipstick- limited edition coming this spring!
-Maybelline- Psst! A new line coming soon!!!

On an ending note, Ms. Higgins has a fun & frivolous view on lipstick, "More and more women are returning to lipstick after years of using lip gloss and they are coming back in a BIG way..lots of color from bright to bold. It's a small indulgence but it does wonders to lift the spirit!"


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The best color in the whole world, is the one that looks good, on you!

—Coco Chanel