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August 7th, 2008


Be prepared for close encounters!

imageJust in time for National Fresh Breath day, which happens to be today, and just because my pout was losing its clout (coffee, red wine and loss of collagen), I decided to investigate some of the latest new products for breath and smile refreshening. Any of them would come in handy for upcoming job interviews or to bolster confidence on a first date, not that I'm going on dates just now, being rather happily married.

That said, Smartmouth Mouthwash, developed by real dentists, is a minty fresh concoction that lasts 12 times longer than other mouthwashes. Zinc ion technology (neutralizes nasty tongue bacteria) is the reason why. Plus it can't hurt that one of the doc's who developed it is cited in the Encyclopedia Britannica as an expert on halitosis!

imageBody Mint, a hot new product from Hawaii, doesn't just eliminate morning mouth. It promises to prevent all B.O., including sweaty feet! (Talk about a head to toe treatment!) Engineered from a highly specialized derivative of chlorophyll, the compound found in green plants and vegetables, Body Mint contains no herbs, no colorings and no preservatives. Two tablets a day and you're set. It's flying off the shelves in Bendels and Fred Segal!

imageBut back to the pout, er, mouth. Because I just can't give up my morning brew (or evening glass of wine), I worry about staining my teeth. Crest White Strips didn't do it for me, which is why I gave SexySmile 3-in-1 Whitener, Plumper and Gloss by Dr. Pia Lieb a shot. The teeth whitening part worked really well. As promised, in 3 days my teeth were indeed whiter and brighter. I was less impressed with the plumper/gloss part, but that's because the gloss itself was a tad gloppy. Definitely required blotting and I'm not a tissue carrier.

imageLeave it to CoverGirl to come up with CoverGirl Wetslicks AmazeMint, a collection of 13 mint-infused lip glosses that provide high shine while brightening your smile. The secret is they're infused with Crest Peppermint Oil to give breath a boost of freshness. They're so ridiculously inexpensive; it's tempting to stock up. I tried two great shades, Freedom of Peach and Happy Hour, and was really knocked out. The gloss lasted and lasted, even through a big farmhouse salad lunch, and when I dabbed it on with the specially patented doe foot magic wand (guaranteed to be streak free), and my lips tingled. Very sexy product!

imageThe hands-down winner of my pout improving experiment was C.O. Bigelow's Vitamin Mentha Tinted Lip Balm- launching now. For those who remember hanging out at Bigelow's Pharmacy on Sixth Avenue back in Greenwich Village, just hearing the name Bigelow is a treat. This super sexy lip balm is loaded with vitamins and emollients and other pucker enhancements. What surprised me was how long it stayed on my lips, which to be honest, was hours. And that was even after eating ice cream! Plus I thought afterwards that my lips looked bigger, softer, more pillow-y. That's hot stuff!

Speaking of hot, here's a tip. Pssst. Close Up toothpaste is launching a new version of their product in Brazil in coming months. The newly retooled toothpaste not only freshens breath, but using a revolutionary new color science, lightly coats the teeth with a thin blue veil. The result is a nifty sleight of hand that makes teeth appear whiter and brighter. Everyone all over the world is going to want to get their hands on this!

~Eve Marx
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