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These Drops Are The Next BEST Thing

October 22nd, 2015


~ Brings DIY and custom color to a whole new level!

Our skin changes its color and 'type' from season to season, so I am a firm believer to switch and add to your everyday beauty routine. And I love to experiment, so when I tried these new products and received compliments immediately, I knew I scored a winner. 'Cover FX Boosting Drops' is exactly the radiance enhancers your skin will need to take you throughout the 365 days of the year.

I always like to play with products and concoct custom shades (right Michelle, insider joke, my BFF always says, "what did you create now"!), adding a lighter with a darker then adding a little more moisturizer or a drop of vitamin E. So if you consider yourself a mixer, like me, no doubt you will love this product. AND, if you aren't your own chemist, no worry I will simplify it to make this just right for you. I'll have you whipping up your own beauty product in no time. Ahead, you will see what I mean.
Let's start with prepping the skin. You can boost your skin cream with a potent brightening treatment by adding a Custom Infusion Drop (there are four to choose from) or to a tinted moisturizer if your skin is dry, it's really that easy. You can even carry your favorite booster with you and apply a drop to the palms of your and pat on over your skin or just around your eyes as an afternoon pick-me-up. I find myself doing this especially around my eye area.
Next, are the Cover FX/Custom Color Drops. Many of us don't need and shouldn't wear a heavy foundation. The more we pile onto our skin, the less 'real' our skin looks. That's where these customizable drops are key. What I love to do is add ONE drop to my moisturizer in the morning (it keeps the skin radiant looking), you can either mix it together in the palm of your hand with a makeup brush or mix together with the tips of your fingers, the latter being the messier choice, but preferred. I then pat it on my skin making sure it melts in and then use a brush to be sure it is blended in around my nose and chin area.

Here's all you need to know:
Add one drop (it comes with an eyedropper to make it easier to control) of the pure pigment to any moisturizer to transform it into a tinted moisturizer, use two for a medium-coverage foundation, and for fuller coverage, add three. Remember, a little goes a long way— I only needed a single drop (I even use less than a drop) to achieve a light-to-medium coverage. And, it comes in 25 shades, which is truly an amazing range for you to pick and choose the one or two shades perfect for you.

The chemist in me researched the science and the reason it works so well is because the pigments are individually coated in a molecule called lecithin, which not only binds to skin but also helps bring together oil- and water-soluble ingredients. The actual pigment looks thick, but whatever you drop them into, they blend and sync well with it. The liquid ingredients then evaporate quickly, leaving behind only the skin-care product and pure pigment, so you don't feel slimy and your makeup stays put. This product never changes the texture of the skin-care product you mix it into, you can even mix it with your favorite sunscreen, it only enhances it with a tint of color, combining the beauty benefits of both products.

I've included this video, so you can see for yourself how easy it is to use. The one thing I find wrong with this video, is you DON'T need to use so much. Less is definitely more, but I am sure for photography/video purposes it helps to see it.



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The best color in the whole world, is the one that looks good, on you!

—Coco Chanel