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Thrilled To Be In the Nude

June 5th, 2013


~Laura Mercier’s Summer Collection

I am a creature of habit. Love normalcy, change makes me cringe, better yet stress out. This extends into my fashion and beauty choices too. Recently, I bought five great pieces all for under $100; I texted a dear friend saying, "Hit it big at our fave shop.", and her response said something like this, "Excellent!!! Send pix, is everything white and natural?:)" At that point I realized, I really don't sway far from the norm and she sure does know me well--- All the items were white, nude and one navy piece was thrown into the mix.

Similarly, nothing excites me more than a new nude lip, a natural nail color and a blush that matches my skin; yet offers a tint of freshness. I guess after all these years of writing about trends, hot, bold hues, neutrals have put me in my own comfort zone. Rachel Zoe titles this user as "Au Natural Makeup Mavens", and this fits me perfectly. After all, I've spent many years trying on colors, wearing neon shades on my toes, having done up my eyes in bold tones, only to settle comfortably in my forties with shades that flatter and enhance me without looking overdone. No need for me to be eccentric anymore, I rather stand out by wearing a HOT pair of Jimmy Choos not yellow nail enamel!

Laura Mercier's new launch Summer Nudes defines the new way to define nude and covers the range of neutrals from angelic pink to bare but there mocha. This collection oohs and awes with shades that sizzle! Available in lip glaces and nail lacquers only, the one downfall, this collection makes me yearn for an extension to complete the Au Natural Look- blush and eye shadow.

Hurry, it's a limited edition and will end soon, I've already stocked up on Bare Blush for my lips and Bare Rose and Mocha for my nails, oooh la la!

And to all my "eccentric" beauty readers, I won't stop highlighting fun, powerful colors, everyone is allowed to choose shades that define them!


- Back.

The best color in the whole world, is the one that looks good, on you!

—Coco Chanel