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A NEW Favorite Lip Balm

June 16th, 2010


Francesco Clark’s lip tint.

imageYes, I was devoted to a lip balm until it saw the last of a production line. It was Prada Shielding Balm #7, which gave a bright, pink glow to my lips. Oh, how I loved its miniature size that fit anywhere,and its texture was divine. It was just right, thick, not gooey or sticky, moisturizing, not too shiny and available in five perfect shades. I google it all the time in hope I will find a box that got left behind- only one left of tint #2, but now there is no need to swipe it, since after years I have found my replacement.

Clark's Botanicals Ultra Rich Lip Tints give lips an everyday buffed, natural finish thanks to its crushed berries. It heals, restores and moisturizes offering the best softness and conditioning combination without any parabens and phthalates. My lips are lovin' my new found tint and happily devoted to its supply. With four inspiring shades- each significant to a woman with class- to choose from-the carlotta pink is my personal fave-just pick out your preferred balm and prepare to be amazed.

Trust me, they are addicting. You will totally want to kiss and tell.

A word about the man behind Clark Botanicals. Francesco Clark was paralyzed eight years ago from a diving accident. Devasted, yet determined, Francesco never gave up instead built a successful skin care company. He has inspired so many and now you can learn about his powerful spirit in his book Walking Papers: The Accident that Changed My Life and the Business that Got Me Back on My Feet.


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—Coco Chanel