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Your Own Private Sanctuary

October 17th, 2007


Renew and revitalize right at home.

imageLondon's best kept spa-secret is now available in America. Curious to know? Think big, think pampering, and think indulgent.

First on the agenda, set the scene. Enter your 'sanctuary', the place where you feel the most serene, and the least interrupted. This for many is probably the bathroom--- close the door (don't forget to lock it too!), light some candles, dim the lights, start the bath or shower and relax. Let the products do all the work for you.

Here's the secret: Britain's #1 spa, The Sanctuary Spa, Covent Garden now offers spa-like luxury products that are affordable and available right here in the States. No need to cross the Atlantic to receive the royal treatment.

imageSecond secret exposed: a spa-ritual called the 'Mande Lular'. It is inspired by the traditional Indonesian pre-wedding beauty ritual: an ancient detoxifying and beautifying treatment which involves bathing, exfoliation and massage. You can transform this exotic spa experience into your weekly beauty routine, quite easily with the help of these tips from Katie Perry, a therapist from The Sanctuary. To begin, she recommends exfoliating in the shower once a week. Get skin damp and use the Sanctuary Spa Salt Scrub. Vigorously (the salt is quite refined and not big and scratchy) circle the skin especially focusing on elbows and knees, but steer clear of neck and above. Don't forget the back area too. Try using your right hand first to rub the left side of the back, continuing in a circular motion then repeat on right side. Next, let the warm water rinse away all the salt and negative thoughts and just focus on you. Enjoy this soothing time, taking in the sweet almond scent and primrose oils. When you are finished, Katie recommends leaving skin damp and stay in the shower to apply your moisturizer. The pores are open and will allow the conditioners and oils to soak right into the skin. Continue the ritual with the Sanctuary Spa Body Moisture Spray all over the body; you will so love this convenient to use product and all its skin-loving benefits. For a taste of real spa-bliss use the Mande Lular Souffle. It is a rich, intense souffle that deeply lavishes the skin in conditioners and its exotic scent stimulates your senses and helps you to unwind.

Sanctuary Spa launches its entire 19-product line in Target stores October 22nd and will be available on-line November 5th.


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You can take no credit for beauty at sixteen. But if you are beautiful at sixty, it will be your soul's own doing.

—Marie Stopes