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Unconventional Uses for Beauty Products

June 29th, 2015


~  You’ll be glad you read this!

Here are some tricks I learned from the industry... all worthy of a share. Who would have known to use these products and/or ingredients to help us get through summer's hot days and bare skin exposure!

image- Got Sunburn? Make aloe vera cubes. Just like we store leftover chicken broth in ice-cube trays, we can also fill these trays with aloe vera gel. Consider doing it now, so they will be frozen and ready to go! You never know when that nasty burn will scorch you, and you can just reach for this ice-relief that will sooth, calm and reduce the swelling.

image- Cellulite 'blurified'. The same skin primer that helps smooth pores and work its magic on your face, can put your cellulite in soft focus just like your favorite photo filter. Benefit makes a good silicone-based product called, The POREfessional Pore Minimizing Primer, $31. Just layer it over your body lotion or sunscreen.

image- Here's another reason to use a Flat-iron. Try this trick to gain supereasy waves before bedtime. Separate large hair into sections, three to four would be ideal, and braid them. Next, run a flatiron down each braid once or twice. Once they are cool, gently shake out strands and viola! waves galore! [TIP credited to celeb stylist, David Babaii.]

image- Don't Sweat-It! Does your makeup 'sweat-off' when the heat and humidity hit a 100 degrees! Next time, reach for a solid, non-scented deodorant stick to save your look. All you'll need to do is apply it to a damp sponge or washcloth, then dab it on the areas where you perspire the most, before you put on your makeup. It will help do the trick for sure! [TIP credited to makeup artist Troy Surratt.]


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