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The Beauty of Coconut Water

January 13th, 2011


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imageCoconut water is a trend in the beverage market, often touted as the healthy way to hydrate from the inside and out.

Loaded with hydrators and electrolytes, this tropical delight is now being used as an ingredient in cosmetics and skin care. Tropical regions have known about this secret and now we are beginning to realize the healing benefits of coconut water.

According to ayurvedic belief, coconut is carminative, helping aid in digestive discomforts, balances acid levels and flushes toxins out. It only makes sense, since it regulates the functioning of the intestines, that coconut water promotes smooth, pretty skin.

The latest buzz surrounding coconut water is how beauty companies are formulating it into their ingredient mix.

imageIt's no surprise that one of the first skin lines to use coconut water is Dr. Perricone's SUPER line. Dr. Perricone shares, "There is definitely a trend - it's not just about ingesting coconut water anymore...Applying it topically helps quench skin's thirst while delivering vital minerals to depleted skin." It's clearly evident the Super Hyper Hydrator with Coconut Water gives skin a "tropical topical treat".

imageRevlon decided to use coconut water in its newly launching ColorStay Aqua Mineral Powder. Because of its rich minerals, essential vitamins and amino acids, coconut water offers superb hydrating and revitalizing properties. I was amazed to feel the cooling effect as soon as the "brush touched my skin". No doubt this powder leaves the skin hydrated, sans dry and powdery looking. Glowing and refreshed was more like it!

Inside Tip:
I read that the secret to Brazilian women's beautiful skin and hair is using a splash of coconut water on the skin as a facial toner and in place of water when shampooing their hair.


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