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Smells Like Fresh Laundry

November 11th, 2009


Everyday scents.

How often have you pulled sheets out of the dryer only to smother your face in the warmth and refreshing smell of it? Or ever admire your toddlers baby scented lotions. Better yet, do you ever which you could bottle the "clean" soapy essence of a just out of a shower you.

imageWhiffs that duplicate reality rather than fantasy are what the creative noses at Demeter search the world to define in a liquid note. New spritzers that don't attempt to be fancy, just capture everyday, non headache inducing smells like Baby Powder, Laundromat and Pure Soap.

If shower freshness doesn't tickle your senses then Lilac, Patchouli and Honeysuckle might be right for you.

imageNot quite unique enough? Then be inventive and create a custom perfume just for you. Pick three things you like, out of the six in the collection, you'll come up with a scent that's soft, and squeaky clean mixed with hints of things bright and sweet.

After all, nothing beats the smell of just-clean.

The above six scents are conveniently affordable and available in a $10 purse spray or 1-oz cologone sprays are $20 at CVS/pharmacy and

Or visit's more extensive library, which includes over 200 scents like Gin & Tonic, Dirt and Jelly Bean Blueberry Muffin. But these are found at specialty stores and prices jump to $68 for a 1.7-ounce parfum.


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