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Flip Flops That Keep You Fit

June 13th, 2007


You are going to flip for these FitFlops.

image"These FitFlops were made for walking, and that's just what they'll do, cause one of these days these FitFlops are gonna firm and tone you!"

Now you can put "fit-ness" in your flop with the FitFlop. A new thong slip-on resembling a flip flop was recently introduced in the U.K. (18,000 pairs sold out in 3 days!). The FitFlop is said to help tone and trim your legs. It also mimics barefoot-style walking, but better.

FitFlops has now landed stateside and is much in demand. Yes, another waiting list to contend with. The creator of this fitness concept is Marcia Kilgore, best know as the founder of Bliss. My Beautyberry interviewed her to find out just how this shoe works.

MBB: Why did you create FitFlop?

MK: I- like many multi-tasking women- don't have much time to go to the gym. (It's wake up/kids/work/kids/work/husband/sleep.) Being a flip flop addict in the summer, my dream product was a flip flop that would give me a workout while I walked. I've got a long history of athletic training. I just had to find someone to help me build it!

MBB: I think it is a wonderful concept. Many women live in flip flops all year round, so this is perfect. What is so remarkable about FitFlops?

imageMK: Well, they have microwobbleboard technology, which is patent pending. It' a technology (and process) designed by Dr David Cook and Darren James at the LSBU, that creates a slight destabilization midstep, so your structural muscles have to work harder to stabilize your legs each time you step. When those muscles are activated, it loads the surrounding muscles more, so you get a mini workout every time you step. Also, we've had some amazing testimonials already from FitFlop wearers. Some have claimed their plantar fascitis is cured. Others that ankle injuries and stiffness have been relieved, others that say it's like a butt blaster workout in half an hour, and others who just say they are the most comfortable shoe they have ever worn. We're really excited and want to start talking to osteopaths about the rehabilitation potential, and testing on people with arthritis, which is just a horrible thing to deal with.

MBB: Can you explain how it helps tone and firm the legs?

MK: The FitFlop slightly destabilizes the foot as one walks, creating a kind of continuous tension in the muscles of the foot and leg. It's like a mini-wobble board that makes you step more naturally and activates the slow-twitch muscles fibers in the leg (the fat-burners).

imageMBB: How do they differ from fitness sneakers?

MK: Conventional footwear is designed to keep the foot stable so the muscles are more relaxed. And also to support the arch so that the midfoot muscles don't have to work as hard. The FitFlop destabilizes the foot slightly, creating a more continuous tension in the supporting muscles of the foot and leg. It's almost the opposite concept. Less support, more natural work makes the leg!

Thank you Marcia!

Now if only we can find a pair we all will be fit-flopping through the summer with a firm and tone derriere. Or as Marcia stated at the end of her interview "HOLY FIT FLOP"!

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